In the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper of 28th August 2018. My first bit of media attention and hopefully many more will follow.


My first ever book event – Garforth Library on Saturday 15th September 2018. A fantastic turnout. Nervous at first but once people started to turn up I felt better and soon injected the talk with my sense of humour so there was plenty of laughter.








25th October 2018 – The Authors Show, an American online program, has interviewed me and is on line. But here it is in all its glory. 

Do I really sound like that?


I have just signed the contract for the publication of The Sword of Uncreation, book 2 in the Hell & Heaven series. 

Want to know why the angel spirits of Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis are fighting demons on Ilkley Moor and learn what the Demon Cows do when they lock horns with their most deadly foes? Find out in May 2019.


Another article about me and my book – I could get used to this.


A massive honour for Closing Shop to be selected and shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize Awards. Have a minute spare? I am sure you do, you are reading this aren’t you so I am sure that you can find sixty seconds for me. 

Can I have your vote? It is simple to do, just follow the simple link, go into the Fiction section and vote for my novel. Forgotten the name of the book? Closing Shop. 



That’s all you need to do and you will get my eternal gratitude. Thank you.


Closing Shop has made it through to the finals of The People’s Book Prize. How much of an honour is that? Voting closes on the 30th April so if you haven’t voted for it, in this round, then there is still time.  As I often say “It will only take 2 minutes, and you won’t feel a thing!” (I really should think up a better chat up line.)

And to top off a great few months book 2, The Sword of Uncreation, has been published. A story of the race between good and evil as they both fight for a weapon that could allow Hell to gain eternal power over Heaven and Earth. Is it any surprise that God wants to stop him?


At the People’s Book Prize 2019, a massive honour to have been shortlisted and making it to the finals. Even though I didn’t win it was a great night and enjoyable. I can never thank all of you that voted for me enough. You are wonderful people and I hope you will always keep reading and enjoying my books. I promise to keep them coming.

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