Closing Shop World Tour


Thanks to Beth Spradley for taking my book on tour during her road trip from Nebraska to Southern California.

Devil’s Rock (How appropriate?)

Reno – A book well travelled.



– – – 

Massive thanks also go to Francis Cardigan, in Australia, who ordered a signed copy.


John Hackett, of the John Hackett Band (And brother to the former Genesis guitarist) with my book.



Singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid, another reader to add to the list.


Terry Coldwell, of East 17, wanted to read my book so rude not to.

Bumping into the actor Clive Mantle at the People’s Book Prize Awards. He has a signed copy of Closing Shop and is looking forward to reading it.  And no I am not a midget; he really is that tall.Image may contain: 2 people, including Darren Walker Author, people smiling, people standing and suit