In his life Darren Walker has made a living doing many jobs that would fill up a CV (Resume if you are American) and show that earning a living can be a dull but necessary evil. These varied roles tended to be office based and one day he realised that there was more to life than staring at a computer screen. So he decided to become a writer and spend his spare time staring at a computer screen as well.

The Muse visited him when he wrote a joke article for a friend in North Carolina informing him of the correct etiquette for his impending trip to Newcastle. Fortunately the American was not that gullible and wisely ignored the instructions and survived the trip. However he liked what he read and shared it with his friends. This persuaded Darren that he might just possibly be able to write. After that he wrote some more random stuff but didn’t have an outlet for them until he networked with a close friend in Alabama and, even though she latter admitted to not liking his stuff, she persuaded the owner of an arts website in Mississippi to read one of his comedy articles. Luckily the perceptive American liked what he saw and started to feature them. The weekly input ranged from subjects covering such serious issues as self-harm, depression and Rosa Parks with more light-hearted topics such as songs banned by the BBC, meeting a former members of Genesis in a toilet and things removed from people’s bodies in hospital emergency departments. Despite wanting to shock the American readers he failed abysmally but that didn’t stop him from trying. Eventually Darren started submitting poetry as well and the writing passion had well and truly taken over his soul.

Darren denies being to blame for it but unfortunately the website closed and he was left with creative urges but no outlet so he decided to try his hand at writing a novel and foisting that on an unsuspecting world. Allowing his strange and surreal sense of humour to run riot he began creating his own versions of Hell and Heaven with demons and angels that were, quite often in the literal sense, at each other’s throats.

So far Darren has, to date, written seven books in the series and have completed a stand alone comedy novel set in a fictional South American country. Think of an up-dated Ealing comedy, if you are old enough to know what one of those was. If that is not enough he is currently writing his first Children’s / Young Adult novel – is there no stopping him?

Book one “Closing Shop” was published in September 2018 by Blossom Spring Publishing and is available from places that sell it. And not only that it has been nominated and shortlisted for the ‘People’s Book Prize’ so if you haven’t voted for it yet then now is a good a time as any.

If you want to be kept informed of the progress of his work, want to say hello or even possibly appear in one of his books then please sign up to his mailing list or send him a message. He will try and respond as quickly as possible.